August Fair Fall Out!

So wonderful to be in Melbourne again for the AGHA Gift Fair. Bev, Kate and I had a fantastic time with the critters, meeting new people and catching up with familiar faces.

Big Sean made his first appearance and kept us entertained by sitting without moving each day. He's so clever and patient.

Big Sean and friend


Thank you so much for once again stocking the Kenana Knitter critters. Such a privilege to work with you and to be part of the thread that joins us all together - Kenya and Australia.

And a couple of our happy snaps.

Colourful Cottons
Rascal Lion

Our new Kenana Knitter family members!

It's very exciting to introduce these new Kenana Knitter critters to the range. Take a look at these adorable, hand made and organic cotton critters. They will be available to order at the Melbourne Trade Fair, or you can pre-order now.

Rascal Range

Rascal Range - Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Zebra

Penguin and Seal

Penguin and Seal Friends!

Kenana Down Under On Social Media

We have a nice little presence on social media and invite you to follow us either on facebook or instagram

If you are a stockist and want to tag us at any time via instagram, we will endeavour to share your post to the Kenana Down Under instagram page then on to facebook. We really love being able to share your pictures of the Kenana Knitter critters because we love sharing the Kenana Knitter story as far and wide as we can!


2017 is happening now! We have lots to share with you over the coming months, not least the introduction of a new range of little critters, the Bush Babies (see pic below), at the Sydney AGHA trade fair 18-21 February at Homebush.

We will also be bringing you new catalogues, with new pricing as the Kenana Knitters have issued their new pricing for 2017. We believe that the Kenana Knitter brand remains strong, however, given its unique, hand made, fair trade foundation, which is unchanged.

Bev and I continue to be very grateful for your support and commitment to the Kenana Knitter critters, bringing them to you customers week in week out. THANK YOU!

Magical little critters

The Kenana Knitters in Kenya are spinning, dyeing and knitting like mad to make sure we all have our precious critters here before Christmas. Their hard work and skill means we can enjoy the gift that gives more than once. Feel free to contact our stockists or us directly and we will help you find the perfect Christmas critter.

Dancing decorations!

Cuddly cows!

Divine ditsys!