MARCH 2018 News

News from Kenana Down Under:

Greetings & Happy International Women's Day (for yesterday)!

A big thank you to all our regular stockists who continue to stock and sell our critters, and a big welcome to all our new stockists!

It is great to work with you all.

With each newsletter we aim to bring you news from Kenya and this newsletter is no exception. Read on to find out what is happening at the Kenana Knitters.


The Kenana Knitters

The Kenana Knitters

Investment in the Future at Kenana Knitters:

Despite the tough economic times in 2017, the Kenana Knitters made a significant investment through the purchase of 3 tonnes of organic cotton from Tanzania. This cotton is machine spun in smaller amounts then stored for later knitting as raw cotton or for dyeing.

Three (3) tonnes of cotton will see them through 3 years at the current rate, and hopefully less if they can increase their overall sales. The Kenana Knitters are committed to the future and they are looking forward to the next 3 years of growth with both the ladies and their clients in Africa and abroad.

And as a result, the Kenana Knitters have welcomed Mary and Penninah to their permanent staff.

Mary and Penninah

Mary and Penninah


Mary Njeri & Penninah Nyambura joined the permanent staff at Kenana Knitters in November 2017. Both Mary and Penninah have been top notch knitters on the general floor. The main focus for the ladies will be in the quality control department, which is engine of the production department. They both bring a wealth of experience to the table. The Kenana Knitter organisation will be strengthened as these ladies share their skills with other knitters and we, in Australia and New Zealand, are sure to feel the benefits, too.

There are exciting times ahead at Kenana Knitters, and for us!

Bev, Tanya and I continue to work to ensure a strong supply chain for the Kenana Knitter mums. We have immense pride in what we do here and enormous gratitude for the skill and hard work that each and every knitter offers. We are so thankful for your support, as stockists. Together we can 'change lives stitch by stitch'.

Until next time,

Di, Bev & Tanya

PLEASE NOTE: A forward notice regarding a few things happening prior to the end of this financial year:

  • Di will be away from 15 April to 1 June 2018 (travelling with her husband). During this time orders will still go out but will be limited to one dispatch day per week. We believe this is both realistic and achievable for Di's sons, Harry & Jordy, who will be handling this side of things while Di is away. So, should you need critters, we have you covered!


  • From 1 July 2018 Kenana Down Under will become a Pty Ltd company and One Colour will cease as the business name used to distribute for Kenana Knitters Ltd in Aus/NZ. This is a super exciting event! Can't wait to role out the company name properly, along with the new logo. However, be assured that nothing will change with respect to the way we do business. You will still receive our great customer service and the critters will still be gorgeously unique and hand made by the spectacular Kenana Knitter Mums.