JUNE 2018 News

News from Kenana Down Under

A warm welcome to our new stockists and thank you for incorporating the Kenana Knitter range into your stores. Many thanks for the on-going support given by our current stockists.

As you read this month's news you can discover the amazing the impact our (you and Kenana Down Under) partnership with the Kenana Knitters in Kenya is having, learning about their latest initiative with the Life Skills Counselling course that took place in April. For a full copy of the newsletter please email Di: hello@kenanadownunder.com.au 

However first, we are so pleased to advise you of our Stand location in Melbourne.

Between Saturday 4 and Wednesday 8 August we will be located at
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

We will share our new range of Australian animals, hand spun, dyed and knitted in wool, plus other gorgeous new pieces. We will also have our wonderful best sellers and favourites for you to choose.

We look forward to seeing you there. And should you have any questions, please get in touch with us:

Di - 0430 487710 (NSW, QLD, SA, NT, NZ)
Bev - 0421 042 144 (VIC, TAS)
Tanya - 0450 451 397 (WA)

News from the Kenana Knitter

In April the Kenana Knitters held a 3 day course in Life Skills & Counselling session, led by Margie Ouko-Mowbray. The 3 day course included a youth day, a day for the Knitters and a day for fathers, husbands and male relatives.

The sessions for each target group were held on separate days at the Knitters' workshop. During the three days, the various groups could interact and discuss topics that included, Sex and Sexuality, Religion, Family Finances, Gambling and other Addictions, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Parenting, among other topics that are considered taboo in the African setting.

One of the topics was related to women's empowerment, given that many of the knitters can be the significant bread-winner and this can be challenging in the traditional home setting. It was important to discuss how this could be a positive not a negative aspect.

As mentioned earlier, for the entire overview, please email me and I will send you a copy of the newsletter. Here, however, is a little about Margie.

Margie Ouko-Mowbray has worked with Kenana in the past, she was the first counsellor the Kenana Knitters had on board when they rolled out their Voluntary Testing Counselling  and HIV/ AIDS Testing initiative.

Margie doesn't shy away from discussing topics which are considered taboo or inappropriate. She has her own special way of tackling serious issues with her audience.

Margie takes a holistic approach on her sessions by focusing on the family. She tailors her message to each audience and delivers a program that will result in meaningful discussion, new information, methods of analysing existing information that ultimately results in kick-starting change. 

Her Life Skills and Counselling sessions are usually peppered with lots of laughter, questions and wonderful discussion all round. It was a delight to have her here again after so many years. 

Until next time,

Di, Bev and Tanya

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