Kenana Knitter News - Loise Wangare - her story

Loise was introduced to the knitters by her neighbour Jane Wacuka. Prior to joining the knitters, Loise had been working at a flower farm in the area. Sadly while working at the flower farm in 2013 she dislocated her hip joint and ended up having to undergo hip replacement surgery. During the healing process she suffered a blood clot which resulted in peritoneal nerve dysfunction that later led to amputation of her lower foot and toes. While she was recuperating from surgery, she found herself pregnant with her 5th child in 2016. As the sole bread winner and almost bedridden from her hip surgery she had lost all hope of getting work and being able to fend for her children. Loise joined the knitters when her daughter was 4 months old.

Our initial assessment of Loise was that she was bitter and angry at the world. Her emotional status at the time reflected on her knitting which was so shockingly bad that after a couple of weeks at the knitters we considered sending her away completely. As the months went by and she started to make friends and join into the general camaraderie of the ladies at the workshop, we started to see a general improvement in her work. As her confidence grew, she began to knit beautifully. Today, 2 years later she is a wonderful addition to the knitter’s team, highly dependable and a excellent team player.

I want to thank Anna Akai the knitters workshop manager who really encouraged me not to give up as a knitter. My family has benefitted greatly from my work here. I no longer rely on assistance from friends and family. My daughter is now almost 3 years old and my older children are carrying on with their education uninterrupted. I am so thankful for the opportunity and the fact that they didn’t give up on me. I pray that God continues to bless Kenana Knitters so that they may continue helping the women who work here and those who will come to work here in the future.

Loise Wangare

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News from Kenana Down Under:

We give a very warm welcome to our new stockists, following the recent trade fair in Melbourne, and extend our thanks to our existing stockists for your continued support. Bev, Tanya and I enjoyed meeting up with many of you at the trade fair. Thank you for being part of a movement that changes lives stitch by stitch.

It's Official - the new range of Aussie animals is a complete hit. We are expecting a new shipment late October for all those back-orders, and for those all important top ups before Christmas. Safari Shelf and Ditsy bears are performing very well so have ordered plenty of those, too. 

And for 2019, the Kenana Knitters are working on a couple of new additions to the Aussie animal family and the rascals. These will be unveiled in Sydney at the next trade fair, along with other hand knitted beauties.

Kenana Down Under Pty Ltd is well and truly up and running, with new email: We also have a new bank account (details can be found on the invoice or contact Di). As mentioned before, nothing has changed, except the name :) and Bev, Tanya and I will continue to provide you all the assistance you require to make stocking the Kenana Knitter range a wonderful, worthwhile experience.

Until next time,

Bev, Tanya and Di

Stripey Zebras (below) - many of which are made by Loise Wangare, profiled in this newsletter. Such a pleasure to know a little more of the lady whose knitting is so beautiful.