October News

News from the Kenana Knitters:

Glasses making things clearer at the Kenana Knitters.

Having instituted a simple reading test for all the ladies, the Kenana Knitters have been able to give 12 ladies much needed reading glasses which they had no idea they needed. Knitting has suddenly become much clearer for them!

Christmas top up!

If you need stock please let Bev or me know as soon as possible. We want you to have the opportunity to offer the lovely critters to your customers between now and Christmas, especially as we have our last shipment arriving late October. Once the back orders have been filled we will have limited stock until 2018.

Bev: ethicalagencies@bigpond.com or on the phone - 0421 042 144
Di: kenana-down-under@onecolour.com.au or on the phone - 0430 487710


Christmas Top-up! 

How cool are these Christmas Decorations - Kenyan style!

Cotton Ornaments.jpg