Here are some lovely words about Purity Wacuka, Junior Manager at Kenana Knitters.

Purity has been a member of Kenana Knitters for 14 years now and has been an avid attendee of the Adult Literacy classes we offer.

Purity is extremely hard working and very intelligent but without basic literacy skills she has been unable to find work offering her higher wages. In the classes Purity proved to be a quick learner and showed instinctive aptitude with numbers.

As a result of the classes we have now been able to promote Purity at Kenana and she is now a junior manager in charge of updating the stock and payment cards for all 600 of our knitters.

Through the increase in earning power Purity now has access to credit facilities at her bank and more importantly has been able to put her daughter through secondary school, ensuring she obtains the skills her mother was not offered.

Although we miss the extraordinary knitting work Purity used to bring in she is now a valuable member of our team here at Kenana and her quick smile and soft laugh brighten up many of our days.